The faith towards Orthodoxy and the love of Greek Orthodox tradition have been expressed and continues to be expressed up to now through the woodcarving art. Our company started its operation in 1970 as a workshop for the creation of handmade church furniture. After four decades of successful progress, we are established now as a dynamic company in the Byzantine Woodcarving market.


When the know-how meets the tradition, combined with the use of appropriate materials, the result is stunning. From the beginning, we have invested in the company’s work force, by having training and experienced artisans who, with love, patience and mainly with passion, they provide the best result in this specific job.


By fully understanding our customer needs, we manufacture church furniture of exceptional quality and aesthetics, focusing on the maximum performance and the smallest detail. You can contact our specialized artisans for the manufacture of lecterns, despotic thrones, icon cases, wooden iconostasis and any other ecclesiastic furniture. The more than 46 years of experience and the investment in state-of-art equipment give us a unique competitive advantage in the implementation of the most demanding designs.


Please contact us daily for any information you may need. We stand by your side to provide a solution for every construction need.