«Our company in Thessaloniki creates wooden hand-carved church furniture, providing a complete study of the project that includes proposals tailored to the customer needs and preferences.

Our company’s workforce includes experienced artisans who deliver, with hand-drawn designs, the drawing of each work from the predesign to the implementation study. Our goal is to create woodworks of unique beauty and exceptional durability. We always work with respect and consistency towards all of you who trust us for such an important matter …»



The Art of Woodcarving

Woodcarving is the art of creating forms on wood. From the beginning of human history, wood was the first material that man used as a tool and as a means of expression by creating wooden idols.

The Iconostasis

The iconostasis is one of the basic elements of a Church. The wood carved iconostasis replaced the marble one used by the Byzantine architecture. Its surface is divided in three horizontal zones.

The Altar

The Altar symbolizes the life-giving tomb of the Lord through from which the true life of the world stems. It is usually supported by a pole that symbolizes the impeccable pillar of the church, Christ, or by four poles symbolizing the Evangelists.